The Lusk Clan

The Lusk Clan

Saturday, June 13, 2015

May in a Super Giant Nutshell

Due to a crazy busy May, like CRAZY busy, I've fallen extremely behind in my posting.

There have been some pretty big life events for the Lusk Clan and some fun special memories too.

May 8

Josie Rose made her grand arrival.

6 lb 13 oz 20" long 11:47 pm

1. Josie 2. Maggie 3. Ellie

Diane took some awesome shots of Josie, the girls and all the Wilson grandkids (until Lydia, that is.)

Maggie Pie Claire graduated from Preschool! Next stop Kindergarten!

Maggie Turns 5!

Then she turned 5!! We had a little party with her friends at the donut shop and then went to the pool on her actual birthday. Note to self: we don't need a giant cake when we decorate our own donuts. Sugar Overload!

We threw donut holes into the donuts hole. 

Then we "Pinned the sprinkle" on the donut

Followed by decorating their own donut. 

Super glad you were here, sister. 

And finally we hit a pinata. 

Fifth Annual Birthday Star Pancakes

Surprise Bubby and Rachel Visit! 

We had a super awesome surprise with the visit of Dave and Rachel. We had a great weekend of hanging out playing putt putt, swimming and having a cook out. Despite the panic attack and hysterical fits my girls had every time they saw their five pound dog, it was an awesome time. 

He had excellent practice for Lydia

We attempted a sibling shot...all we got are outtakes.

It was a great month, exhausting and a bit overwhelming, but great. I am looking forward to having a bit more routine and schedule, at least for the summer. More adventures coming soon...

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