The Lusk Clan

The Lusk Clan

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Growing a Garden

All day Magpie asked to go outside. 

Mommy, if I clean my room can we go outside?

Mommy, if I brush my teeth, read my book, go potty, throw a way the get the picture. 

So, of course I said yes, despite it being chillier than I would have liked. 

After swinging and sliding, the girls rediscovered the turtle sandbox. Recently cleaned out of sand and dead bugs, but still littered with dirt and gunk. I warned her of dead bugs, thinking it would dissuade her from playing with this gross toy...

"It's ok mom, it's ok."

So my girls worked together to grow a beautiful garden. Can you see it? They sure could. 

Maggie Clairey, at times contrary
How does your garden grow?

With dirt, gunk and dead bugs
And little sisters closely in tow. 

Seeing them pay so nicely together surely does make my heart smile.

I hope they like each other for years to come.

Then we warmed up with a yummy treat. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank You Veterans!

Today is a special day celebrating the many men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms in America. These men and women will always have my respect and thanks. 

I have never felt the tug to serve myself, but for my entire growing up years I was raised as a military brat. An Air Force brat. Men and women in uniform have been a part of my life forever and I'm so grateful for that upbringing. 

The Pledge of Allegiance means something to me. The National Anthem gives me goosebumps (though growing up I thought "the home of the brave" referred to the Atlanta Braves ;) 

Thank you to the three men in my life who serve our nation proudly. 

Thank you Dad, for the 20 years of serving our country. Thank you for the TDY's, more importantly the presents upon your return. Thank you for the many gigs. The school gigs. The Christmas gigs. The Fourth of July gigs. I still haven't been to a concert with as good an entertainment quality as the USAF band. Thank you for developing the three year itch. (Which for you civilians is the intense desire to relocate for a new state, new home, new everything every three years.) Thank you for the role the Air Force played into my childhood. It was a great childhood.

Thank you to my brother Dave. Following in our Dad's footsteps serving in the United States Air Force. Stationed far away in Nebraska he makes four bands sound the best they can, as the worlds best sound engineer. I'm so proud of the man he has become. He turned out to be a great brother (it could have gone either way based on our childhood ;), an incredible uncle, and a great friend. I'm proud of you, Bub!

Finally, thanks to my brother-in-law, Jeff aka, BIL. Your service is the most sacrificial in my opinion. 
In your almost four years of marriage, you have been deployed for nearly half of it. All that you miss is not lost on me. Thank you for that sacrifice (although you are missing out on all of the hose pregnancy hormones from that sister of mine...see the silver lining?) 


To those who wear the uniform, and to those who have in times past I thank you. Thank you for your service, thank you for your sacrifice, thank you for your bravery, thank you for accepting the noble cause. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Five Years

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

Married with kids, a dog and house with a picket fence? 

CEO of your company, 20 pounds lighter, debt free? 

Recently Scott and I celebrated our five year anniversary. If I had been asked five years ago where I saw myself I think I would have answered exactly where I am. God has blessed the Lusk family over and above what we deserve.

 I have an incredible husband who takes great care of me. He loves me for who I am, a lot of times in spite of who I am. He jumped far out of his comfort zone taking a job, and living for the first time in a state that isn't Alabama. He is an incredible dad, who not only takes great care of the girls, but he wants to take care of the girls. He even planned a lovely evening to celebrate our fifth anniversary. 

I'm pretty tough to surprise so our first stop got me good. Taking an exit we don't generally take, I told him the only thing I knew in that area was Chuck E Cheese. 

He feigned frustration asking me why I always have to guess. Of course I knew he was joking...wasn't he? Sure enough,yes, my husband took me to Chuck E Cheese for our anniversary! 

I was speechless, and quite honestly a little annoyed. Before I opened my door giving him a hard time, he gave me my gift. Then he laughed and told me it was a joke. (He never would have lived that down!) 

Much to my relief, we headed to "our place", Macaroni Grill. We had a lovely dinner. Then he took me to Big Spring Park where we were surprised to find a live band playing...and a large crowd too. 

He asked me to dance, but I regret to say I declined. Shame on me, I know. I wish I still weren't the kind of person who cared what people thought, but alas I am. Maybe that is where I will be in the next five years. 

After a yummy treat of Pralines & Cream ice cream we headed home. We realized it had been three months since we had been on a date, and decided we wouldn't let so much time go by again. 

It's been a pretty tough year for us, but we have made it through, growing closer to each other and closer to Jesus. I'm eager to see what the next year holds. 

Do you have a favorite anniversary memory? Where do you see yourself in five years? 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Melt Down

I had to say sorry yesterday. 

It was a bad day. We had had our third showing to potential buyers two days before and had heard nothing back at all. With every hour that passed I knew they had gone another way, but continued to hold out hope that just maybe I was wrong and we were the house they wanted. 

I tried getting the girls ready to go to the gym, but they continued fighting me with one reason or another. They usually wake up asking to go somewhere, anywhere at all. So I quit pushing and tried to be present. We started a puzzle with more pieces than Magpie has ever tried and gave El something to keep her busy. 

Mag did a great job. She got really into it and found pieces left and right. 

She also got a bit cranky if I found a piece she was working on. 

Then she got a little more into it and crawled on the table. Thinking it was cute how focused she was I allowed it, never seeing the potential train wreck that could and would ensue. 

Meanwhile, Ellie has discovered how to untwist the kids to her cups and had emptied her second cup of the day all over herself and my living room rug. 

When I cleaned that up I returned to the puzzle and seconds later my favorite fruit bowl was in pieces all over the kitchen floor. A victim to a three year olds wayward leg. Mag had finished the puzzle by the time the shattered bowl was cleaned up. 

Meanwhile, Ellie had taken every book off the shelf in order to find the potty book she has loved. Then I got the official word that the couple had made an offer on another house. 

That is when I lost it. I felt totally overwhelmed and had a temper tantrum that rivals my girls fits put together. I had zero patience and totally forgot about my goal to build my kids up. Or be a good example to them. I failed. Miserably. 

My little problem with an unsold house, messy kids and no desire to grow my patience suddenly was more important than my relationship with my girls, their self esteem, or building respect between us. After I hurriedly fed them lunch and put them to bed I finally stopped to listen to that convicting voice of the holy spirt reminding me my priorities. 

So, I apologized. I told my girls I was sorry for my attitude and that I was mean. I told them sorry I didn't play with them and that I yelled. I asked forgiveness and a chance to start fresh after nap time. And Maggie replied, "I'll be good when I wake up." 

Ugh. Worst mom ever. She saw it as her fault when I wasn't able to hold it together and be the mom she needed, the mom she deserves. Shame on me.God  has entrusted these girls to me. Blessings that He gave me and no one else. 

I'm allowed to be sad, and mad, and frustrated. But not at the cost of my girls. I have a responsibility to them, and most days it is my joy. Then there are days like yesterday. My reading tonight reminds me yet again of the challenge I have been given.

        Philippians 3:16 

              Only let us live up to what we have already attained. 

 I learned a lesson. Even if I am the mom, saying sorry and fresh starts are essential parts to healthy relationships, even with a 3 and 1 year old.  

Have you ever needed to apologize to your children? Did you? 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Movie Trip

Every morning last week Magpie has come in to the kitchen saying she was going to be good today. Thankfully, she really has fallen through. El Bell continues to grow her vocabulary, which has cut down tremendously on fits when I remind her to "use her words". 

Because of these great girls I felt we needed a fun field trip. Thanks to the nearby dollar theater running Monsters University, the choice was easy. 

I packed our lunch and quoted Daddy Warbucks, "Let's all go to the movies!" (Too cheesy? Tough.)

The girls started strong, fully engaged in the previews. Though it wasn't lost on me that the other families entering the theater climbed the stairs claiming their seats far from our own. What's up with that?! 

I rationed lunch for the first thirty minutes of the flick. Then wrestled, whispered commands and scissor locked my legs around a busy 22 month old. 

Right when I thought we were going to have to skip out before popcorn started being pegged at my head, I remembered I had stashed fruit snacks in our bag for a recent play date. 

So we stayed for another ten minutes and then left early. I'll have to redbox to see the ending. 

I suppose it was a bit ambitious to think we could stick it out for the whole show, but it was a fun adventure. 


We aren't much for Halloween. We are much for having adorable children. 

My girls have been too little to do the trick or treating thing, but we did participate in our churches Trunk or Treat last year. I even won 2nd place for the most Creative Trunk, thanks to my duck pond. As well as having two adorable lady bugs! 

This year I found myself very unable and uninterested with participating in the festivities. We couldn't do a trunk because our Daddy wasn't here to help with the girls, and they are too young to be able to wander on their own. 

So we found some dress up clothes In our toy buckets and created an adorable princess and sweet ballerina. I felt kinda lame dressing them in things they wear on any other random Tuesday, so I added some makeup. Now I'm the funnest mom ever. Ask Magpie,  she said so. 

We went to the local library that offered indoor trick or treating in the early afternoon. Forecast called for storms, so finishing early was the goal. 

The library is three stories tall, and had two candy stops per floor. We spent most of the time on the stair case, traveling terribly slow much to the frustration of families behind us, thanks to the "glass slippers" Magpie insisted on wearing. 

There was a not so scary puppet show too. Magpie was a little apprehensive at talking weenie dogs at first, while El Bell was more concerned with the loot. 

After that we headed to the local Publix store that had little games set up around the perimeter of the store. They were giving out the good candy to! I was also able to get the cheese and milk I needed for home. Score one for multitasking! 

We drove away with Magpie telling me it was the funnest day! 

I'd call it a success. Will be glad when our Daddy can participate in the fun next year.