The Lusk Clan

The Lusk Clan

Monday, April 13, 2015

Explorium Adventures

Now that the weather is FINALLY warming up, the adventure bug has bitten us once again. Recently our family sat down to create a summer bucket list to be sure that our summer was filled with fun adventures. I'm not sure why winter weather makes me feel so lazy and content to stay home and veg, but I'm excited about the adventures that we have on the books for the upcoming months.

We found out at the end of the week that Daddy was going to have to work most of the weekend. On one hand, it was a bummer that he was away. On the other hand, because of the extra work he was able to avoid a week long trip to Oklahoma. (Remember our girl is due in three weeks :)  ) So instead of hanging out at home for the millionth time the girls and I found ourselves on an exciting adventure to the local Explorium.

The girls had a great time, and due to a groupon I found that the price was worth the experience.

I warned the girls ahead of time that they were to stick together so I could keep an eye on them both. They did a great job asking each other when they were ready to move on to the next activity. I was super proud of their great attitudes and team work together.

I thought the facility was a bit run down, not everything lit up, made noise or worked as it was originally created to, but the girls didn't notice one way or another.

I was also very careful to not think about all the other children who may have touched, slobbered on, licked, or who knows what on the rather aged equipment, toys and stuffed animals.

The Exporium was two levels, and we managed to make it into a three hour visit.

Despite it being a Saturday it really wasn't busy at all. There was a birthday party in attendance, but even with that concentrated group of kids we were able to play on other attractions while we waited for them to scatter.

The girls enjoyed running from one thing to another and back.

We were excited to visit the bubble zone, unfortunately only a few of the exhibits seemed to work. Again, the girls didn't care they just enjoyed getting their hands dirty.

We ended our adventure with a lunch out, which was of course the girls favorite pick, Taco Bell. No adventure is really complete without a cheese rollup.

One adventure down, lots to go...looking forward to Daddy joining us next time.

Monday, April 6, 2015

T-32 Days

Other than being about the worst blogger ever, I also have been pretty lacking in posting anything regarding my baby girl and the past 241 days. I can't help but wonder if it is due to the fact that she is the third, and you know how people say the third babies get the shaft with pictures and memory books etc. Part of me thinks its due in part to the fact there has been a lot of heartache surrounding her pregnancy and our baby making history. But, more than anything it probably has to do with the fact that I'm a lazy bum...

Regardless, I realized last night that we are only 32 days away from meeting our baby girl.

32 DAYS! That is nothing!! I freaked out a little when I realized that. On one hand it seems like a long time since we discovered our exciting news.

On the other, not so much.

We have been busy getting things ready for our girl. We've bought a new to us van. Oh, how I love our beautiful "mama wagon".

While Scott was out of town for a week recently I redid Josie's nursery. I figured that since we had used the same bedding for Maggie and Ellie, we were due a change. Throughout the first trimester I KNEW that we were having a boy. Like, would have bet money on it. So, I began planning for our superhero nursery. Then, we had an ultrasound revealing Josie not Jacob would be joining our family. I still planned on a super hero nursery, why not...until I got to the fabric store and found these beautiful prints. A week later, I had crafted, sewed and covered my way to a Pinterest worthy nursery for my girl.

Josie and I have been doing well as we both grow, her growth is much more exciting to me than my own, but I suppose it comes with the territory. Feeling lots of contractions off and on. Lots of indigestion too. Other than that we are making it.

The To Do List grows as the days shorten. I have big plans of creating a summer schedule to keep us from wasting the day and making fun memories instead. I have my grocery list ready for the many frozen meals I will be preparing. We'll see if my lazy bum tendencies get in the way of those plans.

Until then, we keep a close look out at the calendar and anticipate the exciting arrival of our Josie Rose!