The Lusk Clan

The Lusk Clan

Monday, March 10, 2014

Bike Riding

Life has been busy.

Super busy. Some good, some bad, lots of busy

I have several posts completed and ready to go, but I forget to actually post them. I'll try to do better.

My sister was in town to celebrate our dad's birthday. Before they leave tomorrow we were able to spend a little time today with them before they head back tomorrow. Next time see them, my brother will become a husband. Weird.

Anyway, after a stressful morning at home with my girls where we camped out in the bathroom all morning hoping to avoid accidents. We are starting potty training for Ellie and had not one but two #2 accidents. Ugh...I know, it'll come

We headed over to my parents and went for a walk/bike ride. It may have been the first time my girls have used their bikes outside.

It started off pretty well, until we hit a down hill part of the sidewalk. 

And remembered that these bikes do not have brakes. 

Bad mom, stopped to take the pic first. They survived. 
Though they did leave their bikes behind and took off on foot.

The weather looked really nice, but the wind was a bit brutal. 

The snow was still on the ground, which immediately was flying from one kid to the other. 

Which was followed very quickly with playing in the dirt. They made a garden in a paint tray that had to be cooked under the cars. I don't know. They had fun, so who cares. I was a very chill cool mom and let them play their hearts out. We did stop in the utility room immediately when we got home though.  

After a picnic on the driveway we called it a day. Telling them see you soon. Looking forward to more walks and bike rides with the coming spring weather. Surely its coming. 

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