The Lusk Clan

The Lusk Clan

Monday, March 3, 2014


After two months of waiting and a lot of inactivity, we finally closed on our home last week.

Buying a short sale home from a couple who was divorcing and the wife had declared bankruptcy created SEVERAL extra hoops to jump through.

But, we did it.

That led to a whirlwind week of events.

We had already cleaned and painted all of the rooms, but we had carpet and moving to do.

I was able to find a great moving company through U-Haul that was a great price.  So, Friday morning in the freezing, rather less than freezing temperatures we began moving our home goods from the stoarge unit into our new home.

I spent the next two days unpacking with a frenzy.

I did learn a few lessons in packing.

1. Label a box as soon as packing it. I had a box labelled "Kitchen Tools" that was actually a box full of books.

2. Tape down the lid to the sugar, flour etc containers. That was a messy lesson. 

My wonderful husband took my girls out for several outings, including a few trips to the store for odds and ends that make life easier in a new home. Moving is expensive!

It's been three days and I am 85% complete with the unpacking. Two closets, nursery, garage and picture hanging and it will done.

I took yesterday off from anything productive after the girls were up several times sick, we are thinking it may have been some kind of food poisoning. Thankfully I had unpacked enough I was able to find the towels, medicine, wash cloths, extra sheets and buckets at 3 am.

It was an eventful welcome home present.

I'll be sure to share pictures when I've been able to finish everything here.

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  1. Can't wait for the pictures of your new home! Glad that you're finally in. =)