The Lusk Clan

The Lusk Clan

Monday, March 3, 2014

Poppy's Flag

"Poppy's flag!"

This simple phrase is uttered  screamed at the top of my girls lungs, no less than 5 times a car ride.

We've only just moved to Richmond, and yet they seem to have memorized the location of several "Ol' Glories."

When Maggie was younger than two, she helped my dad (aka, Poppy) put out the American Flag that hangs from his front porch. That chore has stayed with my girls for over two years now.

Initially, from that day forward every time my girl would see an American flag, Mag would shout out a hilarious, "Poppy's Hag!" not having mastered the phonetic pronunciation of the letter "f," to which I shamelessly replied, "Where? I don't see GG..." (Get it? GG (my mom)...Poppy's hag...ok, it's not a very nice joke.)

This car riding tradition has lived on and is observed by my both girls at loud volumes.

There are often times we are in a grocery store and Ellie will shout out at the top of her lungs, "Poppy's flag!"

Not seeing one myself, I tried to dissuade her. No, she must be mistaken. But even at just over one she could spot a flag from aisles away. She was right every time.

The back and forth in car has naturally turned to,

"Poppy's flag on my side!"

"No, my side!"

"No, my side!"

At times this game can be a bit frustrating, but I love the tradition. I love the recognition. It has opened the door to several age appropriate patriotic conversations. I love their excitement, and look forward to telling their kids about the silly games they played when they were little.

Santa even made their day when he gave Scott a Poppy's Flag in his stocking. As soon as we have our own front porch, I can't wait to have my girls help put out our own Poppy's flag. I can't wait to share with them what it truly represents.

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