The Lusk Clan

The Lusk Clan

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Birthday Day Date

My handsome husband is turning yet another year older this week. Due to our wonderful babysitters (my parents) being out of town on the actual day we were able to get a special day to celebrate a little early this weekend.

Playing hooky on Sunday, we had originally planned to spend the day at the Natural Bridge, but due to weather we went with plan B. That included a movie, lunch and a trip to disc golf.

The weather was pretty clear where we chose to play, but did see storm clouds in the distant. Regardless of the impending storm we began our game. We got a few holes in and then the bottom fell out.

I mean, really fell out. We started the trek back to the car dripping. With the car in sight we traveresed over a small foot bridge. I was leading the charge when I hear from behind, "OH!"

I turned to see my love on his backside, our discs strewn across the path. It was at this point that we were reminded of the importance of wearing the proper footgear whilst traipsing through the woods.

Catching the laugh that was trying desperately to escape, I made sure that he was ok. Then I laughed, just a little.

We made it to the car, completely miserable, completely soaked.

Once we were a bit settled, Scott noticed something. His ring was missing. Thrown from his wet hands when he took a spill on the foot bridge. He went in search of the symbol of our love and fidelity, and I had no hope that he'd find it the flooded woods.

A few moments later, he returned. Ring securely in place!

We had a great time just us, and look forward to celebrating his day just a bit more this weekend.

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