The Lusk Clan

The Lusk Clan

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lake Herrington

We were invited this weekend to go spend some time at Lake Herrington with our good friends, The Daniel's.

They have a little girl that fits right in the middle of our girl's age, so it has been so nice to get together.

I was a bit nervous about going though, due in large part to Scott and I not being very good swimmers. Scott taught himself to swim only five years ago, and I've never been proficient.

Thanks to noodles and life vests we were safe as can be!

While Maggie is usually pretty skittish, she was eager to jump right in.

Ellie on the other hand, wasn't interested.

She eventually worked up the courage, and joined me in the water.

Though she had a great time playing in the kiddie pool as well.

Despite the cloudy coverage we were able to get out for a short boat ride. It was Ellie's first official boat ride and all the girls were so excited. The cloud coverage offered a comfortable temperature, and then later a a huge rain storm.

It was an adventure and I had a great time, but I imagine the captain of our fair vessel was a bit miserable when the pebble like rain drops were smacking him in the face.

After a few hours inside, enjoying a yummy lunch and a companionable game of Hand and Foot (Which the girls won) we were able to take another longer trip out on the boat to look at the beautiful lake. Meanwhile I began day dreaming of having my own lake house some day.

It was an awesome day, with great friends.

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