The Lusk Clan

The Lusk Clan

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Disc Golf Adventures

Seven years ago, give or take a week, Scott and I were in the beginning stages of dating. Being a poor grad student and an even poorer new teacher we looked to spend time together spending as little money as possible.

Check out those sideburns!
 While coffee shops and Scrabble was our typical date of choice, we also spent several of our weekends in the woods of Mobile, AL exploring the various disc golf courses. I've heard it called "folf" or frisbee golf as well.

Since I usually dominated in Scrabble, (I'm going to get grief about that statement ;) disc golf was a sport that we were relatively evenly matched. Ok, that is kinda pushing it too. He throws far! But we would usually play for two winners 1. whoever had the least amount of throws for the course, and 2. whoever had the longest putt. I didn't usually win with the least amount of throws, but I could get the putt...occassionally.

Since we are on this new kick to have some kind of family activity every Saturday, we found ourselves at a nearby bird sanctuary called Camp Catalpa for a little hike last weekend. The hike was less than a mile and easy, but we did make the exciting discovery of a disc golf course. So, we ventured this weekend on our first family disc golf adventure.

We practice at home in the back yard throughout the week to be a little more comfortable with throwing a disc. For Maggie's first throw, the disc landed on it's side and rolled like a penny all the way down the hill. Scott was hoping that wasn't an indicator of how the rest of the trip was going to go.

We let the girls throw their disc around as they wanted without following any rule or pattern. While Scott and I attempted to relive our glory days. We both need a lot of practice!


The girls enjoyed throwing the discs into the basket the most. Maggie even had a great putt from about ten feet from the basket. It surprised us all, but it made her day.

Ellie was good for the first few holes, but then decided she was over being outside.

She continued to say, "Don't touch me. I want to go home! When can I leave?" Some of this may have had something to do with the potty accident she had in the middle of the forest. Thankfully, I was prepared for such an event.

We were able to perk her up from one hole to the other after a quick wardrobe change.

The course was pretty nice, and we didn't have much trouble finding the direction from hole to hole, so that was nice. Only twice did I need Scott to lead the way after spotting a huge spider web along our path.

And only once did we lose a disc and have to tromp through the woods to find it.

Overall, it was a successful adventure and I'm hoping that the more we have the girls tromping through the woods the more they will be excited about fulfilling my newest dream, travelling the US in our own RV. We'll see...

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