The Lusk Clan

The Lusk Clan

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Growing a Garden

All day Magpie asked to go outside. 

Mommy, if I clean my room can we go outside?

Mommy, if I brush my teeth, read my book, go potty, throw a way the get the picture. 

So, of course I said yes, despite it being chillier than I would have liked. 

After swinging and sliding, the girls rediscovered the turtle sandbox. Recently cleaned out of sand and dead bugs, but still littered with dirt and gunk. I warned her of dead bugs, thinking it would dissuade her from playing with this gross toy...

"It's ok mom, it's ok."

So my girls worked together to grow a beautiful garden. Can you see it? They sure could. 

Maggie Clairey, at times contrary
How does your garden grow?

With dirt, gunk and dead bugs
And little sisters closely in tow. 

Seeing them pay so nicely together surely does make my heart smile.

I hope they like each other for years to come.

Then we warmed up with a yummy treat. 

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