The Lusk Clan

The Lusk Clan

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Smelling the Roses

We are in full on wait mode. Again.

After an incredible weekend, where we were loved and blessed by the men of JWBC by helping pack our u-haul in just over an hour, my brother and husband drove the six hours for the final time from Alabama to Kentucky.

Our home goods have been unloaded into our storage unit to await the next step of moving into our home.

We have found and put an offer on a beautiful home in Richmond. Only minutes from my parents!

After looking at several homes this was the only one to really give us the , "Oh my goodness, I love this home," reaction. It's also the only one that the husband and I agreed on.

Unfortunately, the seller is going through a difficult time and the home is a short sale. So, there are more hoops to jump through than typical. We are hoping that it will not take months to close, but there are no sure guarantees.

We have been tremendously blessed to be able to stay at my parents home until things can be settled. It saves us lots of money and lots of headache from choosing a house unwisely.

So, we wait.

"I hate waiting," says Inigo Montoya in my favorite movie The Princess Bride.

I get in such a rush to finish this step and move on to the next. I do this with everything. We got married. I wanted a baby. Then I wanted to move. Then I wanted another baby. Then I wanted a new car. Then ... what a pain I can be.

Instead of being still I rush.

Instead of enjoying the situation I'm in, I push for the next step.


While picking up a few things from the grocery store, I rushed through one department to the next. Maggie constantly lagging behind, I reminded her over and over to "Come on," "Stay with Mommy," "Are you with me?"

I wasn't actually irritated, this time. We had been playing I-spy through the aisles.

But one time I turned around to check to make sure my girl was still in tow, I saw something that made me stop my trek through the store.

She saw the flowers, and she stopped to smell them.

"Can we smell these for a minute, Mommy?"

Her sweet smile, her sparkling eyes and innocent spirit spoke to my heart.

I've heard the phrase to stop and smell the rosesbefore, but when my girl showed her sheer pleasure in seeing the "bootiful flowers" and took pleasure in smelling them, it convicted me of the face pace I set for myself.

The joy that I'm missing out on when I rush from one goal to the next, not stopping to enjoy the accomplishment, or enjoy the phase that I'm in at the time.

I don't want to do that anymore. I know that over the last few months God has been growing my patience with the circumstances that I have been in. I know too that I have learned some patience, but not even close to enough.

Maybe that should be my goal for 2014.

To chill out and wait. To enjoy the phase I'm in. To stop and smell the roses once and awhile.

To follow the lead of my girls a little more.

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