The Lusk Clan

The Lusk Clan

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Scavenging and Partying

Earlier this week we celebrated our girls second birthday.

We were able to share in the festivities with the whole family while we were together for the holidays.

Since there were no other children, I came up with a plan that would keep the adults in attendance entertained.

We had a scavenger hunt!

I found a list on Pinterest and had each team find and photograph with their team each item on the list.

For example:

Something smelly

Something smooth

Something special

Something dirty 

Something heavy

Something red 
Something heavy

Something soft

Although my team got back first, we didn't follow all of the rules so the Dave, Rachel, Kasey and Maggie's team won.

It was hilarious to see the pictures taken, and once again my family humored me. They secretly have a lot of fun with these games, I think they just put a fuss to save face.

We continued the celebration with dinner, cookie cake and presents.

Ellie flipped over the Minnie decorations and the little figurine we added to her cake.

She was pretty unsure of the singing.

But gave a valiant effort in blowing out her candle.

She loved opening presents, proclaiming before each one, "New present!"

It was a fun way to celebrate our girl turning two! I look forward to celebrating with a house full of her little friends someday, but until then having family love my girl is priceless, indeed.

Thankfully, I have two more days to process that my baby is turning two. Growing up is tough stuff!

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