The Lusk Clan

The Lusk Clan

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Creation Museum

My girls were able to experience a couple more first this Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.

Scott had the day off and we took a spontaneous trip to Cincinnati, OH.

I had heard of the Creation Museum from several different sources and thought it would be a fun advenure. Thanks to the generosity of my mom she gave us tickets for the weekend. The tickets were good for two days and since we had points on our credit card we were able to book a hotel for free as well.

We headed out Sunday afternoon for the hour and a half drive and went straight to the museum. There were not many visitors so we were able to have our run of the museum. As neat as the museum was, it wasn't really age appropriate for my girls.

Following the Dinosaur Feet to the museum

The are several life like exhibits depicting the Garden of Eden, Noah's Ark, Dinosaurs and several prophets from the bible. Maggie tends to be a bit skittish around life like things. She held our hands tightly until we finally convinced her that they were just pretend.

She finally got the courage to touch a dinosaur's toenail.

Most of the time the girl's were more interested in the pillars or the poles.

Mag had a bit of a mishap with a bench. She is so my daughter.

After a yummy dinner and a surprise treat from the Cheesecake Factory we headed to our hotel.

It had rated a three on the website, and that was very generous.

It had the smell of asian food and dirty floors. We were given a room on the sixth floor and when we were about to board the elevator we realized it was dirty. We started the trek up the stairs. Ellie in the lead, Scott taking the caboose.

The girls were thrilled and were wired for the next several hours.

When the lights were out we intended to have a restful night. How silly we were.

Ellie had a been struggling a bit with congestion, which only worsened as the hours went on. Since we were out of town we didn't have medicine.

Being the incredible daddy that Scott is, he made a drug store run at 3 am. Once we were able to get her some help we finally were able to rest.

It was a fun spontaneous adventure and memories were made. Grateful for my little family and the blessings we've been given.

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