The Lusk Clan

The Lusk Clan

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving...a few days late.

After a couple weeks of family time spent in Kentucky, the girls and I made our way south through rain, fog and snow flurries to celebrate Thanksgiving with Scott's family.

As we pulled into the drive way after our 6 hour drive, I had such a bittersweet feeling. It is so nice to be in your own home and your own space. It is very difficult knowing that your own home and space should be six hours north of here though.

Oh well, we continue to trust in God's timing and plan. As difficult as it can be.

The girls helped make a few dishes we would take to Pappaw's the next day.


Magpie has always been afraid of the mixer, but with the incentive of a spoon full of cool whip, she over came her fear and held the mixer..alone, for 1.3 seconds.

Then she was done.

The girls love licking the beater..

...but not so much when its sweet potato casserole in the bowl.

Cooking the night before cut a couple hours off of our busy day. So does keeping every cabinet door open while I'm working. I have issues.

We were able to have a sweet visit with friends we hadn't seen in ages, seriously...why does time go by so quickly?

The girls were able to play for a bit with their three boys, and we paused for a quick photo before heading to Pappaw's house for dinner.

Pappaw always does a great job, and the girls love getting together with their cousins. They play really well together, even though my girls are smaller. But let's face it, my girls can be a bit bossy and can hang with the best of them.



We ate, we visited, then we ate some more. Then we headed out to the next destination.

Technically, they are family...but really they are friends. We love getting together with Greg and Stephanie and their boys. We always have a great time playing games and visiting while our kids play together , fight, tolerate each others presence. They did a great job that night and the wives beat the husbands in 2 out of 3 games. (Which is why I didn't cook, clean or change any diapers on Black Friday...I love bets with the husband!)

Finally, the last stop. Scott took the girls home while Stephanie and I headed out to Walmart to snag some deals. I was able to get all but one thing on my list. Including b-i-k-e-s for the girls from Santa (I keep spelling in front of the girls, I think its second nature to spell that word now.)

It was a great, long, but great day. I'm so thankful for time with my sweet family, and all the many blessings God has given our family.

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  1. Danielle, you continue to amaze me with your ability to write...I'm so proud of you and the mom/wife you have come to be. It's o.k. that you're not Bro. Tim's daughter anymore...while that is a true statement in the public arena you will always be more special to me than you will ever know. There is nothing in this world like a first-born and you were and are what I always wanted even when I was a kid...I wanted to be a daddy and you helped to fulfill that...The pig tails on Maggie reminded me of how you looked when you were little and I'll never ever forget that voice on our Christmas visit to see Santa when he coaxed you to say, "I love you mom and dad." I love you matter what.