The Lusk Clan

The Lusk Clan

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Week in a Nutshell

What a week!

Combine living from a suit case, looking for a new home, making ginger bread houses, Christmas Eve services, Christmas Day, bowling and after Christmas shopping, the last week flew by. With no posts to show for it.

That being said, this is bound to be a long one.

The Lusk Christmas of 2013 seemed to come quickly and leave just as fast. Because we were so focused on our move and selling our house, as well as travelling to Kentucky I felt like we missed out on some traditions we typically do, but looking back it was a great celebration.

Starting off Saturday with a visit to Santa Clause!

After three years Maggie has finally gotten over her fear and trepidation regarding old Kris Kringle.

Her sister, not so much.

Every year we have gotten a picture with all the cousin's and Santa. This is an extra special Santa, played by Poppy (my dad) himself. (Charlotte knew for a bit, but didn't seem to make a fuss. My girls had no idea.)

We spent a lot of time at home the next couple of days. Enjoying each others company and much to my sheer delight playing games! I think my competitive nature has turned most of my family off of playing games, but I'm thankful for them humoring me. 

The Wilson's kind of have a family tradition of decorating gingerbread houses each year. I say kind of because sometimes the holiday is too busy and we have missed it here or there. 

This year though, GG had things prepared and done up with style! There was candy everywhere!

Much to Magpie's delight. 

Of course it turned into who had the best house.

Which of course I thought I won. 

Until I realized that Rachel had help...

...And still ended up with this masterpiece...

...That is until, this one got a hold of it. 

Most everyone did a pretty good job.

Dad's Moose Lodge

KK's Stable

Jeff's Tsunami hit Home

And then there was Dave...

Oh well, they tasted good!

Christmas eve service is always something that we like to do. I was nervous about how my girls would do in the large service, being quiet and still. And I was pleasantly surprised. Mag had a small moment when our lit candle dripped through the protective paper and got our hands, she held it together though and didn't make too much of a scene. 

Then we took the traditional picture by the tree. Together, and then broken up into smaller family units. 

The engaged Couple: Dave and Rachel

The parents: Poppy and GG...and KK (We're still waiting for Mr. Kasey to show)

The Expecting Family: Jeff, Diane and Charlotte (Lucas will make his debut in February)

And us.

We typically opt for opening gifts Christmas eve, seemed like we had so much to do leading up to Christmas I may rethink the timing of this in the future. 

We let the girls open first, and then when the kids were in bed the adults got their turn. 

We tried to stay with the four present limit for the girls. That turned into four general categories (Something they want, need, wear and read) and that coupled with the grandparents, aunts and uncles, my girls racked up. Maggie who is going through a puzzle phase raked in at least ten new ones. Ellie was most excited about her baby doll. We may have a million already, but each one is special for her. She's a good mommy. 

Christmas Day we woke after 8, so glad my girls don't get the concept of waking up at the hiney crack yet. 

All three of the girls were gifted from Santa with bikes.

And yet, Magpie ignored hers for several long moments while showing the entire room the calculator that she got in her stocking!

Despite that I messed up and got Ellie a bike that will fit her next Christmas, she loved it and sat on it for most of a movie that afternoon.

And once the whole room saw her calculator, Maggie went for a spin or two around the house on hers too!

And just like that, our holiday was over. We have the next week visiting with family still, so more memories are sure to be made. 

Hope your Christmas was as exciting as ours!

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