The Lusk Clan

The Lusk Clan

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Showing and Some Trees

We had another showing! Three this week! All it takes is, we continue to wait and pray for God's timing...and switch realtors. We may have found one that will actually work for us now. Thanks to all of you who may be praying! Every prayer helps, so keep it up! 

So, while we had to be out of the house I took the girls downtown for a quick drive thru picnic and to visit the Downtown 47 Tinsel Trail. This is a pretty cool community event downtown where more than 200 trees are decorated by different organizations and businesses.

 A lot of the trees are decorated in whatever the business may specialize. Of course they have the Alabama v Auburn trees.

A Tree Divided
Yummy Moe's

Then they have really creative trees decorated as various characters.

Magpie enjoyed the Santa and Snowman trees the best. 

They didn't really know the minion, Sully the Monster or the Purple Blob thing from McDonalds. (I'm sure he has a name.) 

Then we saw what my girls dubbed the star of the entire trail. 

The small Dora ornament. Easy to please, these girls. 

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