The Lusk Clan

The Lusk Clan

Monday, December 16, 2013

A Trip and A Surprise

In the often spoken words of Ellie, "I did it!"

3 kids. 6+ hours. 80 mph. And me. 

Let's back up. Remember this guy? 

He's been serving your country for eight months now. Far away. And away from his expanding family. 

The story was he was coming home in March. No February. No January. You know the army...

Turns out all those rumors were false. 

And a great surprise ensued. 

I got a call from my dad asking me to pick up my cute niece Charlotte Poo to bring her with us to my parents(Ok, so I added the poo to her name. Aunts prerogative and all that.) 

Diane and she were in town for a friends birthday so it worked out. Until Diane threatened to ruin everything by staying in town one extra night!

Thankfully, the capable Katie  came to the rescue and kicked Diane out sending her home as planned. (If she weren't such a good friend that could have been hurtful!) 

So, I headed off with these three. 

Two stops to wipe noses and pick up cups off the floor. 

One seventeen minute bathroom break and I finally got this. 

I know it's fuzzy...Trust me they are all sleeping! 

An hour and a half of quiet! 

After another quick pit stop and snack we finally made it to GG and Poppy's! 

And later that night, after having been asleep for a few hours Diane got a crooning phone call saying, "I'll be home for Christmas." 

A doorbell rang. 

And the rest is history! 

Welcome Home BIL! So happy for that sister of mine! 

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