The Lusk Clan

The Lusk Clan

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our Baby in Heaven

We don't talk much with the girls about their baby brother. They are pretty young and don't understand much about it. There are times though that Magpie will bring him up when I'm least expecting it.

Driving in the car, on our way from the gym I was praying quietly about the sale of our home and my attitude about the timing of it. 

Magpie: Mom, are you praying about our house? (Obviously I've been doing this a lot for her to know the subject matter :) 

Me: Yeah, Babe. Cause remember we can talk to God anytime we want, no matter where we are. 

Magpie: Can I pray with you? 

Me: Sure Sis, go ahead. 

Moment of silence...

Me: Are you praying for our house in your head? 

Magpie: No! I'm praying that I can go to heaven so I can grow and grow and grow, so I can hold our baby. 

Me: Our baby? 

Magpie: Yeah our baby in heaven that was in your belly, but is now in heaven. I'm going to hold him. 


Then on another car ride. 

Magpie: Mom, what do you think our baby in heaven is doing today? 

Me: I don't know sis, what do you think? 

Magpie: I think he's singing a song to Jesus. He is singing to Jesus all by himself. It's pretty singing. 


I'm not always sure how to explain this grown up concept to my sweet girl, but it sounds like I haven't messed it up yet. And someday I have no doubt she is going to hold her little brother and sing to Jesus with him too.  

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